in this scenario you are a new producer at 346 production.
you're a nobody with zero experience in the field. it was a miracle you got the job, really.
the odds seem to be stacked against you.
but you do have one passion - making dreams come true.

you have been assigned an idol. her name is maekawa miku.
your mission is to make her as successful as possible
there's an issue though. or, well, several.
she's quite stubborn, and has a few quirks she insists on keeping.
but she does have one wish... a dream, you might call it.
as childish as it seems, she wants to become a princess.
one with a golden tiara, a twinkling dress, and a bejewelled microphone.
a princess of the stage.

now, producer. i have a question for you. are you ready to make miku's dream come true?

yes no